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Canceling a Game

Canceling a Game



If your assignor cancels a game, you'll be asked to reconfirm the game. This ensures that your assignor knows that you received the message. Just login to and confirm the game change.


If you need to cancel a game:

  • Click the Games menu item and find the game that needs to be canceled.
  • Click the Edit link on the right-side of the game detail.
  • Find the drop-down labeled status and change the status from Active to Canceled.

Once you have canceled the game, notifications will go out to all assigned referees. A canceled game will continue to show up in a referee's schedule, but will always be prefaced with the word *** CANCELED *** and will be colored in red on the games list.

If you cancel a game, the referees will be notified with an email and will be asked to re-confirm the game. This ensures your officials understand that the game has been canceled.

If you want the game to be removed from a referee's schedule, you can 1) delete the game, 2) un-publish the game, or 3) un-assign the referees from the game.

You can also use a saved search to cancel multiple games.

Referees will still be paid for the game. To prevent a referee from being paid for a canceled game, you can:

  • set the game's status to "Canceled (no pay)",
  • remove the referee from the game, or
  • set the override fee to zero.