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Venues, Maps and Driving Directions

Venues, Maps and Driving Directions

If you want to provide maps and driving directions for your referees, you will need to specify a location for each venue. uses Google maps to display a location for each venue, which can also be used to generate driving directions.

To set up a location for a venue:

  • Click the Maintenance menu item.
  • Click the Venues menu item.
  • If you are working with an existing venue, find the venue in the list and click the Edit link.
  • If you are adding a new venue, click the Add New Venue link.
  • Type as much of the venue's address as you know. If you don't know the address, you can type a city and state.
  • will attempt to locate your venue on the map. You can use your mouse to drag-and-drop the marker to the exact location of your venue
  • Click Update.

Once a location has been set for a venue, the location will be visible in:

  • Any of the Games lists for referees, assignors, or observers. Just click the venue name to view the map.
  • Game email notifications. A small Google map will be shown in the outbound email notifications.

Public Venue Directory

Once you have set a location on a venue, the venue will appear in your public venue directory. The venue directory will show all of your venues on a map. Your venue directory can be viewed by anyone, without being logged into

The venue directory will show the venue name, location, and the description. The contact name and phone number will not be shown in the public venue directory.