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The search box allows you to search for games, people or teams that meet specific criteria.

If you are on the games screen, and you type the word North, you will get any games that have the word North in any of the fields. For example, you could get games playing on the venue "Cascade Middle School North" or games where the team "Great Northern Loons" are playing.

If you want to get more specific, you'll need to use a search term. Search terms use a two-part phrase, with each phrase separated by a colon (:), like this:


The left-side is the "operator", which helps determine what field you are looking to search. The right side of the colon is the "criteria", which determines the specific information in that field. If your criteria has more than one word, you'll need to use quotes around your criteria

venue:"Great Northern"

You can also use these search terms as part of a saved search.

Game Searches

This table shows the different search operators that can be used on games.

Operator Definition Example(s)
referee: Name of assigned referee referee:smith referee:"John Smith"
umpire: Same as referee:
team: Games involving a specified team team:red team:"Blue Angels"
age: Games involving a specified age group age:16 age:"Junior Varsity"
gender: Games involving a specified gender gender:m
venue: Games involving a specified venue venue:cascade venue:"Cal Stadium N"
type: Games involving a specified type type:youth type:"Fall Tournament"
is:unassigned Games with one or more unassigned positions is:unassigned
is:assigned Games with all positions assigned is:assigned
is:accepted Games with all positions accepted is:accepted
is:declined Games with one or more declined assignments is:declined
is:confirmed Games with all assignments accepted OR declined is:confirmed
is:public Games that are publicly viewable is:public
is:private Games that are not publicly viewable is:private
is:unpublished Same as is:private is:unpublished
in:past Games occurring in the past in:past
in:future Games occurring in the future in:future
in:conflict Games that have one or more assignments that have a conflict in:conflict
before: Games occurring on or before the given day before:Tuesday before:"March 16 2010"
on: Games occurring on the given day on:tomorrow on:"Feb 16"
after: Games occurring on or after the given day after:tomorrow after:"June 19"
date: Games occurring on the given day (same as on:) date:tomorrow date:"Feb 16"
this:week Games occurring during the current week (Monday-Sunday) this:week
this:weekend Games occurring during the upcoming weekend this:weekend
next:week Games occurring during the next week (Monday-Sunday) next:week
next:weekend Games occurring during the next weekend next:weekend
without:report Game does not have a game report filed. Automatically limits game search to games in the past. without:report
has:report Game has a game report filed. Automatically limits game search to games in the past. has:report
with:report Same as "has:report" with:report