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Add Games


There are two ways to add games in

To add a game:

  • Click the Games menu item
  • Click Add New Game

On the New Game screen, you will be asked to provide details about the game.

Date (required)
The date of the game. Date formats are very flexible, any of the following are allowed:
  • 6/25/2010
  • 25-Jan-2010
  • Tomorrow
  • Wednesday
  • April 14
Start Time (required)
The time a game begins. Time formats are also very flexible:
  • 3pm
  • 3:00 PM
  • 19:00
Venue (required)
The location where the game is being played. As you type the venue name, you will see a list of existing venues matching the letters you have typed. You can use your arrow keys to move among the list of venues, and your return key to choose the venue from the list.
Age Group (required)
The age group for the game. Age groups are used to determine 1) referee ability, 2) game fees, and 3) end time for a game.
Pattern (required)
Describes the number and type(s) of officials to be assigned to a game (more info).
A checkbox indicating whether the game is public or not. If the box is not checked, the game is not visible to the officials assigned (more info).
Home and Away Teams (required)
The two teams playing the game.
League, Gender and Type
The name of the league, gender and game type. These fields can be used any way that you want. You can use the League field to specify a league conflict between a referee and any games involving the league.
A game can have one of two statuses: Active or Cancelled. If the status of an existing game changes from active to cancelled, or vice versa, referee notifications will be sent.
Game ID
An optional Game ID can be assigned to each game. The game ID can be anything (alphanumeric), but must be unique among all of your games.

Each game can have one or more comments. By default, these comments are private, and only the assignor can view them. If you want to allow your officials to see a comment, check the Public Comment? box next to the comment.

To delete a comment, check the Delete Comment checkbox.

Comments are visible in the following locations:

  • On the Games screen (click the Games menu item, the comments are visible with the game details),
  • On the Game Detail screen (from the Games screen, click the Show button located to the right of the game detail ).
  • Via email. Public comments are included in referee assignment notification emails, and in reminder emails.

Other Game validations also checks to ensure the following rules are followed:

  • Two games may not exist with the same day, time, and venue. This prevents you from entering duplicate games.
  • An referee cannot be assigned to multiple positions on the same game.