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Add Referees

Add Referees

There are two ways to add referees in

To add a referee:

  • Click the People screen
  • Click Add New Person

On the New Person screen, you can provide details about your referee.

Last Name and First Name
(required fields.)
Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code
(optional fields.)
Phones (home, work and mobile)
(optional fields.)
Email (primary and alternate).
Any emails sent to a referee by will go to one or both email addresses. An email address is not required, but a referee without an email address will not be able to do much in
Login & Password
If a referee has not previously logged in to, there will be a checkbox labeled Send Username & Password. To send a referee's credentials, check the checkbox and click Update or Create.
Other Identification (IDs, Grade/Badge Level, and Date of Birth)
These fields can be used to store identification numbers and certification level.
Date of Birth can be entered, but will only be displayed as an age or as a masked date of birth (e.g. Jan 15 2001 will be displayed as "XXX XX 2001").
The ID fields must not be used for sensitive or other personally identifiable information (such as Social Security number, Social Insurance Number, or driver's license number)
Referees have access to a list of all of the other referees on the site. These checkboxes will allow a referee to hide or show their personal information from other officials. By default, a referee's personal information is not shown, unless the referee explicitly checks the boxes. If a referee checks the Hide Profile from Other Referees checkbox, their name will not appear in the People directory. Other referees will only be able to send them messages when they are assigned to the same game.
Your user accounts can have any of the four privileges:

Referee. Referees can view their own assignments,

Assignor. An Assignor has access to view and modify all information in the system.

Observer. An Observer has read-only privileges to all areas of your site. If you have a coach, athletic director, or school administrator that needs to view the information in your system, they should be granted the Observer role. By default, they do not have access to view personal details on your referees, but you can configure this so that they can view public details, or view all details for your referees.

Manager A Manager has read-only privileges to view games and assigned officials. This permission is usually assigned to a coach, athletic director, or other personnel who only need to view the games they are affiliated with. When you check the Is a Manager? checkbox, you can also enter the person's Title / Position so that it is obvious who they are when you view their profile in the system.

Each Manager is assigned one or more age groups, venues, teams, genders, game types, or leagues, which you can assign once you click the Update button.


This feature requires that your organization be on the Elite plan. To upgrade to the Elite plan, you can use the Upgrade page.

Account Owner The account owner has the capability to change the method of payment. This cannot be changed from the Add Person screen, contact support to change site ownership.

If you want to grant a referee the assignor privilege, check the Is an Assignor? checkbox. By default, any new users added to the site will be granted the referee privilege.

Assignment Limits

The Max Per Day, Max Per Week, and Max Per Month values can be used to enforce assignment limits for referees. This will ensure that a referee cannot work more than a given number of assignments per day, per week, or per month. By default, assignment limits are not set for a site or for a referee.

A site can be configured with an assignment limit, which will apply to all referees in the site. An individual referee may also have an assignment limit, based on the following rules:

  • If a limit is set for a site, but is not set for an individual referee, the site's value will be used.
  • If a limit is set for an individual referee, the referee's value will be used, and the site value will be ignored.
  • If a limit is not set for the site or the referee, a limit will not be enforced.

Weekly counts are calculated using a calendar week (Sunday-Saturday), and monthly counts are calculated based on a calendar month.

Assignment limits for a site are configured on the Site settings screen.