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Importing from a Spreadsheet

Importing from a Spreadsheet

If your games / people are in an Excel spreadsheet, you will need to use the File : Save As command in Excel to save your existing spreadsheet in a Comma Separated Value format.

Each game or person must be on a single row of your spreadsheet.

The import process assumes that your spreadsheet's first row is column headings. but the columns can be in any order you want, and the column headings can be called whatever you want. These column headings will be visible after you import the file into

  • Click the Games or People menu item
  • Click the Import CSV Text File link
  • Click the Browse button and select your CSV import file
  • Click Submit

After you click Submit, will show you the first five rows of your spreadsheet.

In the drop-down boxes, you’ll need to match up the field names with the columns of your spreadsheet.

Officiating Pattern

If you are importing games, you’ll also be asked to choose a default officiating pattern. A pattern defines the number and type(s) of officials that are to be assigned to each game.

The officiating pattern is required for each game. You can provide this information to in one of two ways:

  • Include the officiating pattern in your spreadsheet data. If your spreadsheet has a column that indicates the officiating pattern for each game, it can be imported into The name of the officiating pattern in your spreadsheet must exactly match an existing pattern in, otherwise, the default pattern will be assigned to the game. Be sure to indicate which column is your officiating pattern, otherwise all games will be imported with the default pattern you indicate. A list of officiating patterns can be found on the Patterns screen (Maintenance » Patterns)
  • Choose the default officiating pattern. If you do not have a column that indicates the officiating pattern to use, all games will be imported with the default officiating pattern that you will choose. If you use multiple officiating patterns, you may need to split your data up into multiple spreadsheets, one spreadsheet per officiating pattern.

Once the columns of your spreadsheet are matched up with the field names, click Submit.

Importable Fields for Games

  • Date (required)
  • Start Time (required)
  • Venue (required)
  • Age Group (required)
  • Home Team (required)
  • Away Team (required)
  • League
  • Gender
  • Game Type
  • Game ID#
  • Public Comment
  • Private Comment
  • Pattern (see note above)

Importable Fields for People

  • First Name (required unless full name provided)
  • Last Name (required unless full name provided)
  • Middle Name
  • Full Name (required unless first & last name provided)
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • ZIP/Postal Code
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Referee ID #1
  • Referee ID #2
  • Email Address #1
  • Email Address #2
  • Referee Grade
  • Comment
  • Is a Referee (see note, default is YES)
  • Is an Observer (see note, default is NO)
  • Is an Assignor (see note, default is NO)

Each referee must have either First and Last Name in two separate fields, or a Full Name as a single field. Full name can be either "FirstName LastName" or "LastName, FirstName" format.

Permissions: By default, people will be imported with only the "Referee" permission. Permission will be granted if the spreadsheet value is 1, Yes or True, not case sensitive. Permission will not be granted if the spreadsheet value is 0, No or False, also not case sensitive. Any other values will be ignored, and the person will be created with default permissions.

Referee accounts will be created when you import your referee data. However, user names and passwords are NOT distributed until you tell to send credentials to your officials.

Here's a video that shows how this process works: