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Review your Contact Information

Review your Contact Information


If you are an official logging in for the first time, you will want to ensure your contact information is correct. To verify this information:

  • click your name in the upper right corner of the screen
  • click the Profile link.

This screen allows you to:

  • Update your contact information
  • Change your password
  • Add an alternate email address
  • Modify your privacy settings

Click the Edit link to change your profile.

If you have both the primary and alternate email addresses filled in, any emails generated by will go to both email addresses.

Privacy Settings

As an official, you have access to the list of officials for your site. By default, your contact information cannot be seen by other officials unless you allow it to be seen. Other officials can send you messages by logging into the site, however, if your email address is marked as "private", they will not be able to see your email address.

If you do not want other officials to see your name in the directory, or to send you messages, check the Hide Profile from Other officials checkbox. If an official is assigned to the same game as you are, they will still be able to send you a message.