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Create a Game Report

Create a Game Report

If your assignor chooses to enable Game Reports, you may need to submit a game report after working a game.

View games needing reports

To view a list of games that may need a report:

  • Click the Game Reports menu item.
  • The Game Reports screen will show you a list of recent games that you have worked.
  • If Game Reports are not enabled for your site, the Game Reports screen will not be visible.

If a game still needs a game report, you will see a Create Report link in the right column.

Create a Report

  • For each game where your assignor needs a report, click the Create Report link.
  • Enter the score for each team.
  • If there was player misconduct, check the Has Misconduct box.
  • If the game requires a narrative or comments, enter your comments in the box.
  • By default, your comments will be visible to your assignor(s), any officials assigned to the game, and any observers. If you want your comments to only be visible to your assignor(s), change the Visible to Assignor Only? to Yes.

In the Officials section, a list of the assigned officials will be shown.

  • If an official did not show up for the game, change the assigned official's name to [Unassigned / No Show].
  • If a different official worked a position, change the assigned official's name for the position.

You may make changes to the report for up to 24 hours after the report has been created. If you need to change a report after 24 hours, contact your assignor.

If any of your assigned games need a game report, you will get a reminder email from