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Adding Coaches & School Personnel

Adding Coaches & School Personnel allows you to add coaches, athletic directors, venue managers, and other school personnel to the system.

Typically these individuals only need access to the teams, ages, or venues that they manage. uses the Manager permission to grant someone access to only the games that are relevant.

This feature requires that your organization be on the Elite plan. To upgrade to the Elite plan, you can use the renewal page if you are a site owner.

To add a new user with the Manager permission:

  • click the People menu item
  • click Add Person
  • enter the person's first name, last name, and email address.
  • enter any other details that you want to include
  • in the Login & Password section, check the Send Username & Password checkbox if you want to send an immediate New Account email.
  • in the Permissions, check the Is a Manager? checkbox.
  • in the Title / Position box, enter the person's job title.
  • click Create

New users will not have any permissions until you assign them. In the Can View section of the person's profile, click Add a Permission.


  • Choose a Team, Gender, Age Group, League, Game Type or Venue.
  • Check the Can View Financials checkbox to allow this person to view the game fees and personal information for each official.
  • Click Save Changes


You can add multiple permissions for each person. For people with access to multiple teams/genders/venues/etc, add one permission for each team/gender/venue.

Managers can only view published games.