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Game Notifications

Game Notifications

The notification system allows you a quick and easy way to keep your referees informed of assignments, changes, and any other important information. Most notifications are sent via email, and some notices are also sent by text message if a referee has activated text messaging.

Basic Requirements for Referees to Receive Notifications

In order to receive notification messages, referees:

  • must have an account on the website
  • must have previously logged into the website, and
  • must have an email address.

If an assignor sends login credentials to a referee, the email generated will indicate that the assignor has assigned the referee to some games, and the referee needs to login to the website to view details on these games.

Notifications sends out notification messages via email automatically for these actions:

  • New and Removed Assignments. If a referee is assigned to a game, and the game has been "published", the referee will receive a message and will be asked to accept or decline the game. Games that are "private" will not generate messages. Also, if a referee has been assigned to a game, and the game is changed from "public" to "private", the referee will receive a message stating that they are no longer assigned to the game.
  • Game Date/Time/Venue changes. When a date, time, or venue changes, the assigned referees will receive a message informing them of the change, and asking them to re-confirm the game.
  • Game Cancelations. If a game is canceled, or if a canceled game is changed to Active (e.g. "un-canceled"), the assigned referees will be asked to re-confirm the game.
  • Game attribute changes. If any other game attribute changes (other than date/time/venue/public-private/active-canceled), the referees will be informed of the change but will not be required to re-confirm the game.
  • Assignment Reminders. Assigned referees will receive an email reminder 24-48 hours prior to the game start time.
  • Accept/Decline Reminders. If a referee has been asked to confirm their assignments, and they have not done so, they will receive a daily reminder message. The message will remind the referee of the unconfirmed assignments, and ask them to confirm the assignments on the website.
  • Accept/Decline Status. If a referee declines a game, the assignor will get an immediate email notification. A daily email is also generated that lists all games accepted within the last 24 hours, and also lists those games that have not yet been confirmed. will not send notifications when a game is:

  • unpublished, or
  • occurs in the past.

You can safely make changes to unpublished games, and past games, without generating a notification to a referee.

No configuration is required to generate these messages.

In addition, the service allows referees and assignors to generate email messages as a way to improve communication among referees and assignors.