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People / Referee List

People / Referee List

The People screen will show you a list of your officials. Your officials will also be able to see this list, but they will only see contact information of other officials who allow their contact information to be visible.

As an official, you have access to the list of officials for your site. By default, all officials' contact information cannot be seen by other officials unless the official allows it to be seen.

The People screen shows very limited information, click the official's name to view more detail. The detail that will be shown includes:

Basic demographic information (name/address/phone/email addresses)
This shows the assigned games for the official
This shows an official's availability calendar
This shows an official's abilities (the age groups and positions they can work)
This is where you can set team, person or league conflicts
This shows the official's accept/decline history
This is a list of messages sent to the official. This will include direct messages and system notifications

A person can have one of three statuses:

User credentials have not been sent.
User credentials have been sent, but the official has not logged in yet.
Official has logged in.

Only confirmed officials will receive system messages.