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Video Library

Video Library

The Video Library is where assignors can post videos for officials, assignors, and coaches to view.

Each video posted in the Video Library can be configured to allow:

  • no discussion, which might be used if you have a reference video that just needs to be posted without comments
  • public discussion, for videos where you might want to allow officials to comment on what they see in the video
  • individual response, for videos where you are asking a specific question, like "was this a charge or a block? Why do you think" or "should the runner at 2nd base be called out? What rule applies in this situation"
  • a You Make the Call multiple choice survey

Assignors have control over the videos available in the library.

To upload a new video:

  • click Videos, then click Upload a Video
  • click the Choose Files button, and choose the video file, OR
  • drag-and-drop the video file into the blue box

Once the file has finished uploading, click the Review Uploads button. This will take you to My Videos page.

Assignors: to add the video to the Video Library for all of your organization's users to see:

  • next to the video, click Edit
  • click the Display in Video Library checkbox
  • Optional: you can add a multiple choice survey question by checking the Show "You Make the Call" Survey checkbox
  • Optional: you can enable public discussion (comments visible to all) or individual responses (comments only visible to the assignor) by choosing one of these options in the Allow Comments drop-down box.
  • click Update Video